Before the most influential and wealthy shifted to playing the high stakes live Texas Hold’em Poker, baccarat used to be their game. Nowadays, everyone wants to have a taste of what it feels like to play live baccarat at the convenient online casino that was once fancied by the elites, mostly because it’s an easy to play game: the rule of thumb as you play live baccarat is that the banker has to fall – not unless you choose to bet on the banker winning!

The best part about live Baccarat? While it still attracts the high and mighty in the society, you simply don’t need to have an enormous bankroll in order to enjoy it. And with some little bit of luck and proper guidance, you can easily increase your winnings from the live baccarat table. Dive in and check all that you need to know to make this a reality!

The Basics – What Information Do You Need to Play Live Baccarat

Baccarat is classified as a classic casino game, and like the majority of the other classic games, it is played using cards. Generally, you’ll come across three variations of live baccarat that include Punto Banco (the most popular version), Baccarat Banque and the original game Chemin de Fer. The last two variations are widely played in the America region while Punto Banco is widely played by European players.  

Contrary to what you’ll read across most of the websites online, Live Baccarat is a real game of chance, which even with the best strategy, you are not assured of winning. It’s easy to play as the only bet that you need to place if on a draw, is the bank or the player. And in order to maximize your chances of winning, you need to have good money management skills, which will see you play for longer times.

When you compare Baccarat to other popular table games, you’ll realize that it has the largest element of luck. And as we’ve said, when you bet sensibly and manage your bankroll as it is supposed to, you spread the odds and lower your risk.

What Is Your Goal As You Play Baccarat – How Do You Win?

This card game is slightly complicated compared to other live dealer games, which makes it exciting and thrilling to play. Every player at the table, including the dealer, has an opportunity of betting.

As you play the game, your main objective is to get a hand value that’s as close as 9 points.

Different cards have different values:

  • The King, Queen and Jack are all valued at 10 points.
  • The Ace is worth a single point while other cards retain their face value.

When you play live baccarat, you need to note that only single numbers are considered – multiples of ten don’t. Therefore, 6, 16 and 26 are all considered as 6. If you get a King of Hearts, 6 of Diamonds and 2 of Cubs, then the total value will be 8 instead of the original 18.

You can opt to wager on a draw, a player (punto) or the bank (banko). Once all the bets have been placed, it’s the dealer’s turn to deal each one of the players with two cards. The idea will be to guess which hand has the highest point and who wins, the player or the banker.

Each hand usually constitutes of a maximum of three cards and a minimum of two cards. The dealer will then lay two cards facing up under the ‘shoe’. He/she will then proceed to deal two extra cards to the player who has wagered the highest bet. This player is then given an opportunity to look at the cards after which he/she is expected to hand them back to the dealer. These cards are then laid open face so that all the other participants can have a look at them.

How Much Can You Win While Playing Live Baccarat?

The most outstanding feature when it comes to playing this game is that your winning chances are usually higher than in other table games. This is mostly attributed to the fact that you don’t have any influence on how the game will take the course. And while most of the players won’t like this, this same feature is the reason why most of the punters enjoy playing Baccarat.

A quick look at the statistics online indicates that the bank will most of the time win 45.8{93f765d14a88c8a56c975161e51fcfcfeb042885a2ea3796e4726ac5cd953f47} of the hands. The player bet usually has a 44.6{93f765d14a88c8a56c975161e51fcfcfeb042885a2ea3796e4726ac5cd953f47} win rate while only a mere 9.6{93f765d14a88c8a56c975161e51fcfcfeb042885a2ea3796e4726ac5cd953f47} of the hands end in a draw. This, therefore, means that you are better of winning with a ‘Bank’ bet as compared to the ‘Draw’ bet. But if you fancy high returns, then the ‘Draw’ bet is usually the best option.

In the 90s, there was a famous Japanese player known as Akio Kashiwagi who is best known in the gambling industry for winning more than six million dollars from the game of Baccarat. Don’t get excited yet, you may not be ready to be the next Akio Kashiwagi, but his success is a good testimony that this game has potential.

Some of the Popular Live Baccarat Variants

There are several variations of this game that you’ll be able to play online. They include:

  1. Speed Baccarat: Judging by the name, you can tell that it is played with speed – and that’s what it’s all about. All the cards in this version are dealt face-up meaning that it skips the ‘big reveal’ section and goes straight to the results.
  2. Baccarat Squeeze: This is in total contrast with other game versions as the dealer takes his sweet time to squeeze those cards in a bid to add some little drama to the whole game. But who gets control of this game? It’s the player with the largest bet on the table.
  3. Baccarat Control Squeeze: This is the most affordable live Baccarat version that you’ll ever play online. Since the bet levels start from a very low margin, the dealer will squeeze the cards quickly as opposed to the slow squeeze.

So, what are you going to go for? The banker, player or a draw? Are you ready to take a wide guess at the result and place a bet on the right outcome? You can only find out about this at the online casinos that offer live dealer baccarat!

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