As far as casino games are concerned, the online version is undoubtedly the most popular form, garnering hundreds of thousands of players by the day. And we quite can’t blame those who choose to play casino games online, as the benefits that they offer are striking. Gone are the days when you had to queue in line waiting for a chance to play live blackjack at your local casino or get distracted as you played your favourite blackjack game from the sounds emitted by the hundreds of slots machines around you!  

You can now sit back in the comfort of your home and enjoy to play live blackjack as you perfect on your strategy. Furthermore, the recent developments in the smartphone technology have made it very easy for players to enjoy their games on the go – which has so far proven to be an equally enjoyable alternative. However, some of the bettors still say that despite the high quality of games, they still feel a little bit disconnected from the real-life brick and mortar casino experience.

The good news is that there are live casino games, which have been used to bridge the gap between the two, offering you the brick and mortar casino experience while still making the luxuries of home-based playing a reality. And one of the popular games that you can play through these platforms is live blackjack. This game will connect you with the real croupier, whom you can interact with in real time.

Therefore, if you are interested in discovering more about live blackjack, keep on reading and see how easily you can join the growing community of live blackjack players!

Introducing Live Blackjack Dealer

As far as blackjack games are concerned, real-time gaming is without a doubt an exciting feature. You’ll be playing against a real person – a croupier who represents the house – and he/she will basically be managing the entire process, just as in the land-based casino.

Live blackjack game is run using a video and audio communication channel where you’ll get to hear and see the dealer shuffle, deal and manage the whole gameplay. Additionally, the vast majority of the live blackjack games come with an innovative and handy chat function feature, which allows you to interact with both the dealer and other players in real time.

In live blackjack, the video feeds are totally live and not pre-recorded. This means that you can easily ask any question as the game progresses and get an answer instantly. In addition to the few questions you might have for the dealer, you can as well ask them to stand or hit on a specific round of the game, just as you would ask the croupier at the brick and mortar casinos. Croupiers have been trained to offer their services in a professional and friendly manner.

Playing Live Blackjack Casino Games: A Walkthrough

So, we’ve so far highlighted some of the important information regarding a live dealer. What we are remaining with is going into the specifics on how the game works. And this is what we are going to look at in this section. But one important fact is that you can only play live blackjack with real money across online casinos. This game cannot be accessed for free like the software-based games.

How to Launch a Live Blackjack Game

Since this is a real money game only, you need to create an account. The signup process is very straightforward in most cases. Once you are done, top up your account and click on the ‘Live Casino’ button and go straight to the live blackjack game you’d like.

Clicking on the game will quickly launch the video link, which will transport you into a studio and in some instances a real brick and mortar casino. Before the game begins, the dealers will occasionally welcome you. After that, the game starts off after every player has sat at the virtual table. It’s important to note that the tables don’t have to be full for the game to start. Even if you are the only one seated at the table, you can start playing.

The Rules Involved

Blackjack is a very simple game, but we bet you already knew this. You can quickly learn to play it through the software-based version, which in most cases is free of charge. While playing the 21 game, you need to have the following points in mind.

Your aim is to beat the dealer and not the other players seated at the table. You can only beat the dealer if your hand value is greater than that of the dealer but doesn’t exceed the 21 mark. If you exceed this, the casino automatically wins. If you get a 21 and the dealer has a lower value, you win. If the dealer exceeds 21, you win.

As you play the 21, you need to remember the value of each card.

1. All the cards 2-10 are usually worth their face value.

2. For the face cards, (King, Queen and Jack), they are worth 10 each.

3. The Ace is a special card and can be worth either one or 11. You get to determine the value of the Ace.  

Once you’ve known the value of the cards, the dealer will proceed to deal cards. You’ll be dealt with two cards, face down. The dealer will then proceed to deal two cards to himself (one facing down and the other facing up). The card facing down is usually referred to as the hole card.

Once everyone at the table has been dealt with cards, the dealer gives you a minute to look at your cards and compare them with his/her face up card. After that, you can decide on whether you want more cards (the dealer to hit) or you are satisfied with your hand (you stand). Take note that you can hit as many times as possible, and once you are satisfied with your hand value, the dealer moves to the next player. Once everyone is content with his/her cards, the dealer reveals his hole card.

The Results and Payouts

The results of the live games are then calculated as follows:

  • If on the first time you are dealt with an Ace and a Face card – where the ace is valued at 11 – you have a Blackjack. You are a winner regardless of the dealer’s hand value. The payout is at the odds of 3:2.
  • If you have a hand value that hasn’t exceeded the 21 mark and is higher than that of the dealer, you are a winner and the casino pays out at odds of 1:1.
  • If you have the same value as the dealer, then the result is a tie or a push and the casino refunds your full stake.
  • If you go past the 21 mark, you bust and automatically lose regardless of the dealer’s hand value.

Sometimes, you might want a more in-depth casino experience so you can choose to try out the more sophisticated bets. This includes splitting hands, doubling down, taking insurances and if a casino offers the surrender rule, you can as well opt to try it out.

Where Can You Play Live Casino Games?

With the ever increasing size of the online casino industry, there has been a rise in the number of live casinos. This means that you are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to the locations where you can play live casino games.  All you need to join in the fun is a screen and a microphone – you don’t even need to have a webcam!

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